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The Angels’ Share: Single Malt and Singletrack

The Angels' Share: Single Malt and Singletrack

Back in November an amazing video popped up in my Feedly called Angel’s Share: Exploring Scotland’s Singletrack and Single Malt. I’m a big fan of mountain biking. I’m a big fan of Scotch. And I’m a fan of Ben Howard whom I’ve heard a few times and was chosen for the soundtrack.

But a couple of days ago Dan Barham posted on Reddit “I love MTB and Scotch, so I joined the two and made this article“. The original video didn’t have a link to the article so it was great to read the rest of the story. Even if you’re not a fan of Scotch it’s definitely a great tale.

Trunkmonkey Racing backs Mac Ride!

Mac Ride in Action
But Mac’s our number one customer. His smiles tell the Mac Ride story better than I can.

Trunkmonkey Racing backs Mac Ride! This is insanely cool. What happens when you cross a kid named Mac and a Mountain Bike? You get Mac Ride, a Kickstarter out of Vancouver, eh! From their Web site:

It was my wish for our children to benefit from these same outdoor adventures as well as my passion for engineering and mountain biking that led to Mac Ride.

Riding is not the safest activity on planet earth. But when set against the chaos of traffic and the bubblewrap boredom of an overprotected childhood, I think Mac Ride strikes a balance. I worry about the wimpification of today’s children. I think kids should be exposed to the power of their bodies and the risks of the outdoors. Then they can learn about good choices, while building confidence and resilience.

If my nephews were still toddler-sized I’d be all over this thing!


Trunkmonkey Racing Ghetto Wheel Truing using Zipties

After 10 miles of rough trail riding on the old 1992 GT Karakoram Full Rigid my slightly out-of-true wheel became a significantly out-of-true wheel with a bent spoke; it was rubbing brake pad in four locations. I guess my fat ass bombing a downhill full of fist-sized loose rocks and small boulders was a bad idea.

Thanks to [amazon_link id=”1934030597″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance[/amazon_link] I was able to do a ghetto wheel truing using zipties attached to the frame in lieu of a proper wheel truing stand.

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2002 Boston BMWCCA Ice Racing Season Recap “Chanting for Grip”

2002 Boston BMWCCA Ice Racing Season Recap “Chanting for Grip”
Video by: Sean Sosik-Hamor

Location: Stinson Lake, Plymouth, NH

Footage supplied by Emilio Arce, Andy Price, Andrew Hobgood, Chaos Motorsports, and Trunkmonkey Racing

Music first half: Messiah / Twenty First Century Jesus / Destroyer

Music second half: Infected Mushroom / B.P.Empire / Dancing With Kadafi