Winter Suspension Swap

The Legacy was raped for suspension bits and will be converted back to stock springs, and the stiffer springs that were removed from the Legacy will be moved to the rally car for ice racing season. KYB GR-2s will be used and bolted to the chassis using STi Group N strut mounts pulled from the DMS 50s which are on the bench until Spring.

This evening I also managed to track down the loose heater cable behind the dashboard so I can actually control my heat again.

Steering Rack Tie Rod Boot Replacement

I finished the repair on the driver side steering rack tie rod boot this afternoon. Since I opted not to remove the front swaybar and headers as suggested by the factory service manual it was a real pain to pull the boot back over the steering rack. Liberal application of heavy grease on the inside edges of the boot lubricated it enough to push over the steering rack; needle nose pliers wrapped in shop towels helped grip the boot without tearing it.

I also drilled a few holes in the trunk to mount eyebolts for ratcheting tiedowns. The sheet metal is extremely thin, so I’ll need to reinforce it with small metal plates to make the mounts strong enough to hold down a pair of spare tires while bouncing around out on stage.