Trunk Monkey Dealership Version 3 – Suburban Auto Group

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  1. ][/ says:

    Excellent, Absolutely Wonderful. Trunk Monkey has my Vote ! Let’s see what he can do for the Country !
    Even i wanna buy a vechile from you guy’z.
    By the way , I’m currently looking for work , any chance i could enroll for the “][“run|< /\/\on|<ey Work Program ?

    Thx ! r.

  2. Ed says:

    trunk monkey

  3. Charles says:

    Funny video, but you had someone driving one of your trucks that just died!!! Not so sure trunk monkey would make me buy a truck that just breaks down.

  4. mhj says:

    Funny commercials, but it has come to light that the chimps used in the commercials were being abused by the company that R/West hired to train them, including using “physical force to train the chimps and other animals as well but they punch them they kick them. They use weapons such as a sawed off broom handle that they called the ugly stick.”

    You guys at should totally get sue those Suburban Insurance people for stealing your idea (and torturing trunk monkeys!!).

  5. mhj says:

    woops, a few grammatical errors in my last post….

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