Girls of Rallycross – 2002 Essex Junction Rallycross

So what happens when you’re racing at a Rallycross and you hand your video camera to your friends to get some footage? You get back a tape filled with the Girls of Rallycross!

Filmed at the 2002 Essex Junction Rallycross in Essex Junction, VT.

Music: Panjabi MC / Mundian to Bach Ke

6 Responses to “Girls of Rallycross – 2002 Essex Junction Rallycross”

  1. October says:


  2. ron demarco says:

    Big guy

  3. how do you get this site to play

  4. jim says:

    me gusta

  5. love the web site, got it from MAXIM MAG. swift kick in the keester, i have a monkey tatooed on my back, hense MONKEY ON MY BACK haha! hrt mky. ogden ut.

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