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Trunkmonkey Racing!

Trunkmonkey Racing and Airborne Bicycles?

In my search for new Mountain Bikes I ran across Airborne Bicycles, a company that has an interesting offering of value-packed bikes (follow them on Facebook and Twitter). I’m intrigued by their product lineup, reviews, and press coverage so I applied to become a member of their Flight Crew. Hopefully the next time you see me on the trail it’ll be on a shiny new Airborne instead of my aging 1992 GT Karakoram Full Rigid.

Trunkmonkey Racing Reboot

Trunkmonkey Racing is in the process of rebooting their Web presence and is in the process of merging TrunkmonkeyRacing.com and Trunkmonkey.com into a single site. We’re also bringing up a Facebook presence and awaiting page verification. Stay tuned for details!

Trunkmonkey Racing starts move to new facility

Trunkmonkey Racing has started the preliminary phase of their move to picturesque Pelham, NH. The two garage bays in their new 1,200 square foot detached facility have been pressure washed and acid etched and are now ready to take an epoxy floor covering over the weekend. Demolition in the upstairs loft has also been completed in preparation for construction of office and storage space as well as a recreational area. Team vehicles and supplies will be slowly moved to the new location over the next few weeks.

Trunkmonkey Racing gears up for Maine Forest Rally 2006

Trunkmonkey Racing has been hard at work preparing the Trunkmonkey Pink Impreza for Maine Forest Rally 2006, Round 5 of the Rally America National Championship. The team will again be competing at the Regional level in Production GT and has made many improvements to the car and service vehicles to make life easier for the Driver, Co-driver, and Service Crew.

Sean Sosik-Hamor and Andrew Hobgood will again team up to traverse the Special Stages while Sabrina Vollers has stepped up to the plate as Crew Chief to coordinate team logistics and Service Crew movements. Chris Brenton, Brian Knapp, James Mackey, and Kelly Sosik-Hamor will join Sabrina as Service Crew to help keep the Trunkmonkey Pink Impreza running smoothly over the two days of racing.

We’d like to thank our sponsors for the 2006 season:

Finer Touch Auto Body (603-668-4713)


RallyHo Motorsports


Trunkmonkey Racing at Wicked Big Meet 2006

Trunkmonkey Racing will be attending Wicked Big Meet 2006 on Saturday, May 20th to represent the team and Pepper Computer’s Pepper Pad. Our Webcam will be up and running all day assuming we have EVDO coverage!

Trunkmonkey Racing Camera 1


Greetings to everyone from NASIOC
and i-Club who couldn’t attend!

We are also organizing the First Annual Wicked Big Meet Fun Rally Presented by Trunkmonkey Racing on Sunday, May 21st! Come on out and join the fun! Pre-registration is closed but you can register at Wicked Big Meet on Saturday or the morning of the Rally on Sunday.

Trunkmonkey Racing finishes Maine Forest Rally 2006, takes regional podium in class

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, HAVERHILL, MA (07/26/2006) — New England-based motorsports team Trunkmonkey Racing successfully completed Maine Forest Rally 2006 which hosts River Valley Rally and Bethel Rally of the Rally America Eastern Regional Championship. Competing in Production GT class, driver Sean Sosik-Hamor and co-driver Andrew Hobgood piloted the 762 PGT Trunkmonkey Pink Impreza to take 3rd in class at River Valley Rally and 2nd in class at Bethel Rally over the two days of competition and 78 miles of Special Stages.

Trunkmonkey Racing has been extremely active in the New England motorsports community for the past five years both competing in and organizing Rallycross, Ice Racing, Road Rally, and New England Subaru Impreza Club gatherings as well as marshaling and crewing at various ProRally and ClubRally events. The team’s second running of Maine Forest Rally, this year marked the anniversary of the Trunkmonkey Pink Impreza’s 2005 debut and showed the car’s and service crew’s ability to stand up to punishment under pressure.

Said Sean Sosik-Hamor, “This year has proven that Trunkmonkey Racing is about teamwork and the support of friends and family, especially my wife Kelly who has supported me since the start of my racing career six years ago. Like all other events, Maine Forest Rally was a learning experience, and I feel confident that we will be even better prepared in the future to handle unexpected situations as they arise on course and in service.”

Remarked Andrew Hobgood, “This year’s event was a lot faster and smoother than last year, while a reliable car and well-tuned service crew really let us push the limits with MFR’s notoriously sparse route book. A clean finish and some fast stage times were the main goals for the event, and we definitely achieved them.”

Team crew chief Sabrina Vollers also added, “We were better equipped and more organized than last year which really paid off in efficiency and overall confidence of the team. Everyone was so dedicated and took their responsibilities very seriously, but it didn’t stop us from having fun with makeshift tarp tents during the passing rain and toting our obligatory inflatable monkey to spectate Mexico from the top of an RV.”

As always, the Trunkmonkey Racing service crew was the backbone of the team with Kelly Sosik-Hamor in charge of team amenities and Sabrina Vollers acting as crew chief while Brian Knapp and James Mackey took care of repairs and maintenance at service. Team member Brian Batty, Manchester Subaru technician Mike Rowe, SubaruProParts.com, and Town Fair Tire were also instrumental in preparing the Trunkmonkey Pink Impreza during the weeks leading up to Maine Forest Rally.

Many thanks also go out to Pepper Computer for providing the team with an EVDO to Wi-Fi Access Point for wireless Internet access in the backwoods of Maine. In addition, a pre-production Pepper Pad 3 Handheld Computer was supplied by Pepper to store PDF versions of Rally America rulebooks and bulletins as well as all required Subaru Impreza factory service manuals, addenda, and reference documentation.

Trunkmonkey Racing would like to thank their 2006 sponsors and partners:

Finer Touch Auto Body: 118 Maple St., Manchester, NH (603-668-4713)

SubaruProParts.com: http://www.subaruproparts.com/

RallyDecals.com: http://www.rallydecals.com/

RallyHo Motorsports: http://www.rallyhomotorsports.com/

Wicked Big Meet: http://www.wickedbigmeet.com/

North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club: http://www.nasioc.com/

Pepper Computer: http://www.pepper.com/

Town Fair Tire: http://www.townfairtire.com/

For more information about Trunkmonkey Racing, please visit:


For more information about Maine Forest Rally, please visit:


For information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Sean Sosik-Hamor

e: [email protected]

p: 978-457-3575

Photos Copyright (c) 2006 Pete Kuncis

Trunkmonkey Co-Driver to Wed Crew Chief

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, NASHUA, NH (01/02/2006): Trunkmonkey Racing co-driver Andrew “Kha0S/kz” Hobgood reportedly popped the question on New Year’s Day to Sabrina “sabominator” Vollers, the team’s crew chief. In typical fashion, he first presented her with a tool bag full of Christmas gifts including 1/4″ and 3/8″ drive socket sets, extensions, and combo ratcheting/open-ended wrenches in the most frequently needed metric sizes for her 1993 Nissan Sentra. Said Sabrina, “I had no idea I was getting anything other than the tools! I guess this means they’re his now too!”

Slightly hung over from the previous evening’s festivities, the pair, along with fellow Trunkmonkeys James “macdaddy” Mackey and Nick “rabbitnutz” Rabchenuk, celebrated their engagement with some rare meats at the Outback in Tyngsboro. Said Andrew, “we figured out that if she ever gets tired of the ring, the 17mm ratcheting box fits nicely!”

The couple have no date set yet, but forecast a beach party wedding sometime next Summer with ample amounts of free beer.

For more information, please contact the happy couple at:

Andrew Hobgood

Sabrina Vollers

Trunkmonkey Run For The Border 2005

The weather was warm and clear, the views were breathtaking, but in the end the “Trunkmonkey Run For The Border” road rally was all about the driving. The event took place over 160 miles of Vermont’s best driving roads. Approximately 80% of the course was dirt, but there were some twisty tarmac sections thrown in just to keep participants on their toes. CAS was a little higher than the average NER event, challenging each driver’s ability to stay on time.

While the rally took place by the New Hampshire/Vermont border, the rally got its name from the fact that contestants followed a portion of the route used by some of the booze runners in the 1930’s. Prohibition spawned a new job opportunity, namely transporting alcohol down from Canada to major cities such as Boston and New York. It was not uncommon for booze runners to stick to the back roads in order to avoid detection by law enforcement. The rally passed through one of the major hubs where alcohol would be transferred from one transport vehicle to another.

Competition on the rally was extremely fierce. The teams of Alan and Kathy Moody, as well as Cara and Alan Dennis both made strong showing in novice class. Their Rallycross skills obviously got a workout on this extended course. In the end however, John Parsons and Andrej Gaspari would edge out the team of Don Grant and George Harding to take the top podium spot by a slim 16 point margin. All the novice teams did an excellent job following the course and none of them maxed out a single checkpoint score. Each team could easily be competitive in stock class.

Speaking of stock class, the competition here was even closer. The team of Ramon Gonzalez and Greg Viscomi edged out the team of Lisa and Howie Lyhte by a mere eight points. That’s less than five seconds over the entire length of the course using a watch and stock odo gear!

Both teams running in class C were formed just days before the event. While each participant was seasoned at road rally, it was their first time out with their respective driver or co-driver. The team of Brett Rudolf and Hal Denham made a strong showing, especially when you calculate in the need to fix a flat tire on course. In the end however it was the team of Tim Chevalier and Steve McKelvie that took the top podium spot in lucky car number 13. Chevalier and McKelvie had an amazing run, pulling single digit scores at 70% of the checkpoints.

There was only a single team competing in class B. This was the team of Mike White and Andrew Steere. Despite the lack of competition they still hit it hard and pulled a respectable score.

Finally, the biggest competition was in class A. The team of Daren Jones and David Schickedarz make the trip all the way down from Ontario and made a strong showing. The team of Scott and Jamie Beliveau also did well, especially when you take into consideration that this is Jamie’s first year out. Just edging them out was the team of Pego Mack and Mark Ziburis. Not only did Mack and Ziburis take the third podium position, but they also won the drawing at the end of the event for the two lamp auxiliary light bar donated by Rally Ho! Racing. This will certainly come in handy on their next night rally.

The top two spots in class A could not have been closer. Mike Friedman and Marc Goldfarb took second with a mere 19 points. Top spot went to none other than Stephanie Gosselin and Fred Mapplebeck with 18 points. That’s just over .5 seconds worth of error separating these two teams. Talk about tight competition!

Other highlights of the rally included a swimming hole at the break area, numerous covered bridges, and free food at the end of the event. By the end of the event, everyone seemed to be grinning from ear to ear, which is what really matters in road rally.

Team Trunkmonkey would like to thank our two generous sponsors for helping to make this event such a success. Thanks to Rally Ho! Racing for raffling off the beautifully made auxiliary light bar. Rally Ho! makes an awesome two or four lamp light-bar for the Subaru Impreza that requires no drilling that can easily be installed or removed as needed. For more info, drop a note to [email protected].

Finally, we would like to thank Finer Touch Auto Body of Manchester, NH. They have been big supporters of both the Trunkmonkey team, as well as multiple SCCA events within the region. Without generous financial supporters like Finer Touch, our sport would be far more cost prohibitive. More information can be found at www.finertouchautobody.com.

Things I learned at Maine Forest Rally 2005

Trunkmonkey Racing completed Maine Forest Rally the last weekend in July and as my first stage rally I learned quite a few new and interesting tidbits of information. The following is a brief overview:

  1. The navigator is always right (stupid driver).
  2. When in doubt, refer to Rule #1.
  3. When the navigator yells “What the **** are you doing?!?! I said DON’T enter the control!”, shrug it off and refer to Rule #1.
  4. Rally school and past Rallycross experience promotes reflex. When you’re all of a sudden pointed at the woods at 75 MPH you don’t feel any adrenaline…you just countersteer and continue driving like nothing happened.
  5. Mini sledgehammers are a toolkit requirement to fix bent wheels on stage.
  6. Carry LOTS of water in the car for hydration at stage start and stage finish between service stops.
  7. Driving suits have a bottom zipper to assist in Driver and Co-Driver relief. It took us until SS5 to figure that out.
  8. Falken gravel tires have really soft sidewalls compared to Michelins. Start at 30 to 31 PSI and adjust from there (per Nick from Team O’Neil).
  9. Running with your lights on is good for safety but bad for photographs; it looks like your brakes are on in all the photos.
  10. Dust sucks. A lot. Carry rags in the car to stuff and duct tape into all the little crevices that dust will blow in through (cage passthroughs in the firewall).
  11. Figure out where you’re going to store helmets during transit before you get out on stage (we didn’t have time to install our helmet hooks).
  12. Conserve brakes; driving blind at Maine with tulips caused me to do a lot of early and heavy left foot braking and trail braking because I didn’t know the corners. After 15.5 stage miles there was a lot of brake fade even with synthetic DOT5 and Porterfield R-4s.
  13. Park your service vehicles in front of your trailer overnight so no one blocks it in.
  14. The first night stage you do you won’t even notice the photographer’s flashes going off; it wasn’t until I looked at the in-car that I even realized how many flashes there were.
  15. Doing 90 MPH through the giant blowup Red Bull display makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  16. It’s your navigator’s job to watch the mirrors for traffic that wants to pass. The first time you look in the mirror at 80 MPH and unexpectedly see nothing but hood it’ll scare the **** out of you.
  17. Make sure your navigator has a place for spare pens; dust destroys Sharpies.
  18. Gaffer tape is your friend.
  19. Toilet paper in the toolkit. Just in case.