The car is a go!

I drove down to CT this afternoon to inspect the Impreza and give William his deposit. It turns out that the car needs quite a bit of work for me to consider it as a daily driver, much less a rally car. The clutch is severely worn, or completely out of adjustment, because it doesn’t engage until the clutch pedal is almost completely released. There are also signs of motor oil covering most of the bottom of the engine and headers. I could actually push in a gasket that caused oil to drip out onto my finger. Luckily, gaskets are cheap and the clutch is getting replaced with a race spec one anyway.

The body, on the other hand, is 100% worthy of a rally car. Every single panel has taken damage of some sort and that eases my and my navigator’s mind because we won’t be destroying a car with a good looking shell. Minimal shell repair is required but quite a bit of Bondo will be used, along with Krylon, to fill in the scrapes and dents and give us a nice blank canvas for sponsorship regalia.