762 PGT Trunkmonkey Pink Impreza Completed Items

==July 18-19, 2006==
* Replaced rally computer fuse with 7.5A (was 10A)
* Added remaining spare fuses to toolkit
* Applied [http://rally.subaru.com/ rally.subaru.com] sponsorship decal
* Applied [http://www.wickedbigmeet.com/ www.wickedbigmeet.com] sponsorship decal
* Printed photos of car for logbook
* Rewired auxiliary lighting
* Refabricated Hella Supertone mounting brackets and cleaned up wiring
* Inspected front brakes/calipers/brackets for smooth travel
* Installed front Goodridge stainless steel brake lines
* Bled brakes
* Replaced foam microphone windscreen on driver helmet
* Welded and reinforce spare tire tiedown brackets
* Showed Sabrina HVAC cable
* Installed new seat cushion on navi seat
* Added mosquito wipes to First Aid kit
* Applied [http://www.advertiseonthiscar.com/ AdvertiseOnThisCar.com] sponsorship decals
* Fixed passenger side doorlock binding issue

==July 15-16, 2006==
* Completed [http://www.rally-america.com/pdf/TechInspectionForm.pdf Tech Inspection Checklist]
* Inventoried service truck
* Inventoried rally car
* Reattached a-pillar trim
* Organized toolkits
* Removed old SFI padding
* Added proof of date for fire extinguishers to logbook
* Setup welding appointment at [http://www.subaruproparts.com/ SubaruProParts.com] for Tuesday morning
* Fabricated tether mount for cutoff switch key
* Installed new 10BC fire extinguishers
* Installed fire extinguisher padding
* Mounted first aid kit in new location
* Mounted toolkit in new location
* Installed new 1/2″ low-profile SFI padding
* Secured intercom wiring on harness bar
* Inspected harness passthrough inserts in seats
* Cleaned up and ricerwraped wiring on back seat
* Installed 12VDC power inverter
* Tether added to video camera mount
* Replaced license plate light
* Fixed license plate light bracket
* Applied SPT sponsorship decals
* Applied Subaru sponsorship decal
* Attached retainer clips to roof for navi maplight
* Attached retainer clips to roof for intercom plugs
** Rerouted intercom plugs over top of cage to get away from shoulders

==July 12, 2006==
* Started building [[In-car Toolkit (Subaru Impreza 2.2 L)]]
* Installed helmet hooks in rear of cabin
* Repaired Brantz rally computer step adjustment knob
* Installed additional mounting brackets in rear of cabin

==July 8-9, 2006==
* Cleaned up wiring on intercom noise suppressor
* Repaired passenger-side rear mudflap
* Installed missing rear bumper speedclips
* Resecured horn button
* Covered all exposed roll cage bars with 100 MPH tape
* Ricerwrapped all exposed trunk wires
* Removed sharp rear seat bracket bits
* Taped machine holes in floorpan
* Installed padding on driver-side b-pillar to protect seat from rubbing
* Repainted all exposed cage joints with Rustoleum
* Secured toolbox in trunk
* Defuzzed harnesses
* Ziptied towstrap to trunk
* Installed new navi seat fire extinguisher bracket
* Installed new Optima Red Top battery and battery damper
* Installed new NGK sparkplugs
* Installed harness catch cotter pins
* Relocated and moved rear fire extinguishers out of the way

==Spring, 2006==
* Mounted and balanced Falkens on 15″ Subaru alloys
* Mounted and balanced Advans on 15″ Subaru alloys
* Oil change

==Post [[Maine Forest Rally]] 2005 Inspection==
* Inspected Falken gravel tires for damage
** Removed rocks and pebbles from bead
** Hammered out bent bits of wheels

==[[Maine Forest Rally]] 2005 Preparation==
* DMS rally-spec alignment
* Falkens mounted and balanced on 15″ Subaru Forester steelies
* Sparco mudflaps installed on all four corners
* Mounted first aid kit in ammo boxes
* Mounted Gator Industries spill kit
* Mounted toolkits
* Installed navi maplight
* Seam welded rear cage strut tower mounts
* Drained and refilled transmission
* Oil change
* Reinstalled SFI cage padding
* Installed Sparco steering wheel and boss
* Fabricated and installed light bar and aux lighting
* Fabricated and installed intercom noise suppressor
* Fabricated and installed body armor (HDPE)
* Serviced, regreased, and reinstalled DMS 50s
* Wraped exhaust with header wrap near rear skidplate
* Bled brake lines
* Installed front Speed Bleeders
* Replaced brake fluid
* Covered exposed cage bits with 100 MPH tape to prevent scratches
* Fixed rear deck squeak
* Installed front fender clips
* Installed front fender liner
* Rewired primary ground
* Installed intercom
** Fabricated bracket on camera mount
* Installed rally computer
** Fabricated primary bracket using airbag mounts and 16 ga sheet metal
** Relocated ECU to rally computer bracket under dashboard
** Fabricated cover for airbag mounts and rally computer bracket
* Installed battery cutoff switch
* Repainted cage joints with Rustoleum
* Installed OEM vented rotors
* Installed Porterfield pads
* Fabricated passenger-side front door swing clips
* Installed navi footrest
* Installed rear door cards
* Repaired jammed right rear door lock
* Removed welding slag, Bondo, and loose welding plates from entire car
* Installed new rear brake shoes
* Replaced driver-side tie rod boot
* Reattached heater knob rod behind dashboard

==Todo List==

* See [[762 PGT Subaru Impreza 2.2 L Todo List]]

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