KATU 2 Trunk Monkey News Report

PORTLAND – If you’ve ever been the victim of road rage on Portland’s freeways you might be able to relate to a new commercial being shot in Portland.

“Jonah” a monkey actor takes the stage in a trunk of a car. In the scenes being shot in Portland he is otherwise known as the Trunk Monkey.

In the commercial, when the driver of the car is victimized by “road rage” the monkey pops the trunk and hops out and starts shaking a crowbar at the offending driver.

The Suburban Auto Group is producing the commercial, which obviously is intended to be a tongue-in-check representation of road rage.

Source: KATU 2 – Portland, Oregon

Maine Forest Winter Rally!

This weekend they will once again run the Maine Forest Winter Rally! Last run in 1996, this club rally uses many of the same roads as the Maine Forest Pro Rally held at the end of July every year.

After a change in schedule, it looks like I will be able to make it up there myself.

The rally is on Saturday, and there is a rallycross on Sunday at the same location they held it this summer.

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And rallycross info: Click Here