Jeep Cherokee Service Truck (Servicemonkey 2)

==Todo List==
* Upon Re-insure, meet rally requirements ([ $100k bodily per person/$200k bodily per accident/$50k property])
* Radiator Replacement (Crutial)
* Replace Sway Bar Link assembly (Broke the old one jumping snowbanks)
* Replace Alternator with larger AMP output one (Future Winch install, Other large power drains)
* Rip out carpet and weld holes in floor board (don’t worry about carpet re-install)
* Re-assemble rear door latches and pannels
* Attach new Rear Hatch (still got the green one)
* Attach roof rack/intall a heavier duty one for Hauling.
* Install Tow Hooks (Already have)
* Bleed Break system, replacing all pads and instlling spring kit in rear drums
* Take useless 195/70R14 spare out of the back (does the 31’s little good)
* Purchase and install rear Tailgate mount for 31″ spare
* Auxillery lighting (Purchase, Wire, Install)
* Replace Master Cylinder, bleed brakes, install new pads.
* swap wiring on gas tank. Currently empty = full

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