Dark Hollow Pond Trail – Phase 1 – April 27 with Greater Boston NEMBA

Trunkmonkey Racing will be in attendance at the Greater Boston NEMBA Dark Hollow Pond trail project at Middlesex Fells Reservation this coming Sunday (April 27, 2014). Come join us bright and early to move some dirt, build some singletrack, and open up Dark Hollow Pond to mountain bikes! For more information, please see the event […]

The Angels’ Share: Single Malt and Singletrack

Back in November an amazing video popped up in my Feedly called Angel’s Share: Exploring Scotland’s Singletrack and Single Malt. I’m a big fan of mountain biking. I’m a big fan of Scotch. And I’m a fan of Ben Howard whom I’ve heard a few times and was chosen for the soundtrack. But a couple of days […]

Chippoke’s Cabin Fever Maple Whisky Bacon Grease Infused Bacon Crumble Brown Sugar Caramelized Ghost Chile Chex Mix

What’s the best way to wind down after a hard day of trail building and mountain biking? Alcohol and bacon of course! And how do we combine the two into a single snack for uncomplicated gluttonous consumption? With Chippoke’s Cabin Fever Maple Whisky Bacon Grease Infused Bacon Crumble Brown Sugar Caramelized Ghost Chile Chex Mix! Just […]

Trunkmonkey Racing backs Mac Ride!

Trunkmonkey Racing backs Mac Ride! This is insanely cool. What happens when you cross a kid named Mac and a Mountain Bike? You get Mac Ride, a Kickstarter out of Vancouver, eh! From their Web site: It was my wish for our children to benefit from these same outdoor adventures as well as my passion for […]

Fezzari unveils revamped Web site and shiny new 2014 models!

Fezzari has totally revamped its Web site and unleashed the new Timp Peak 650b line as part of its new 2014 lineup. Check out all the new models on their Web site.

When counting calories watch out for reporting loops in your Apps.

Weight loss isn’t magic. Simply eat less calories than you burn. Easy peasy. That is unless you inadvertently sabotage yourself by getting too geeky and try to use too many nutrition and weight loss Apps to track and manage your progress. I found out the hard way that it’s best to Keep it Simple (Stupid). […]

Trunkmonkey Racing Ghetto Wheel Truing using Zipties

After 10 miles of rough trail riding on the old 1992 GT Karakoram Full Rigid my slightly out-of-true wheel became a significantly out-of-true wheel with a bent spoke; it was rubbing brake pad in four locations. I guess my fat ass bombing a downhill full of fist-sized loose rocks and small boulders was a bad […]

Airborne Bicycles gives a sneak peak of their new Guardian 29

It’s just a single photo, but Airborne Bicycles has posted a sneak peak photo of their new Guardian 29 on their Facebook page. Since the caption reads “A sneak-peak of one of the new models coming soon~!” there are probably more fresh designs in the pipeline! Speculation is running wild, but so far the consensus is […]

Trunkmonkey Racing and Airborne Bicycles?

In my search for new Mountain Bikes I ran across Airborne Bicycles, a company that has an interesting offering of value-packed bikes (follow them on Facebook and Twitter). I’m intrigued by their product lineup, reviews, and press coverage so I applied to become a member of their Flight Crew. Hopefully the next time you see […]

Introducing the Canon PowerShot D20 – built for adventure

Order at Amazon or Adorama. The PowerShot D20 is the latest generation of Canon’s waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof, and dustproof D-series point and shoot camera line. It keeps the same 12.1 megapixel spec as the previous PowerShot D10 but gains GPS, Intelligent IS, better zoom, larger screen, higher ISO sensitivity, and an increased shockproof rating. So what […]