Trunkmonkey Racing Reboot

Trunkmonkey Racing is in the process of rebooting their Web presence and is in the process of merging and into a single site. We’re also bringing up a Facebook presence and awaiting page verification. Stay tuned for details!

Girls of Rallycross – 2002 Essex Junction Rallycross


So what happens when you’re racing at a Rallycross and you hand your video camera to your friends to get some footage? You get back a tape filled with the Girls of Rallycross! Filmed at the 2002 Essex Junction Rallycross in Essex Junction, VT. Music: Panjabi MC / Mundian to Bach Ke

2002 Boston BMWCCA Ice Racing Season Recap “Chanting for Grip”


2002 Boston BMWCCA Ice Racing Season Recap “Chanting for Grip” Video by: Sean Sosik-Hamor Location: Stinson Lake, Plymouth, NH Footage supplied by Emilio Arce, Andy Price, Andrew Hobgood, Chaos Motorsports, and Trunkmonkey Racing Music first half: Messiah / Twenty First Century Jesus / Destroyer Music second half: Infected Mushroom / B.P.Empire / Dancing With Kadafi

Trunkmonkey Racing Team Gear

Trunkmonkey Hat

No car? Want to have the Trunk Monkey with you everywhere you go? Then snag some Trunkmonkey Racing Team Gear! The team has been pretty quiet lately so we’re stealthily building our army one recruit at a time! Who knows, you might just be able to hide your Trunkmonkey under a big enough shirt!

Warning – Beware of Trunk Monkey

Warning - Beware of Trunk Monkey

Want to warn your fellow drivers that you’re protected by a Trunk Monkey? Cover your cars in these bumper stickers! No one will dare mess with you knowing that a chimp with a tire iron is hiding out in your trunk!

Miscellaneous Trunkmonkeys

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Trunk Monkey Dealership Version 3 – Suburban Auto Group


Trunk Monkey Dealership Version 2 – Suburban Auto Group


Trunk Monkey Dealership Version 1 – Suburban Auto Group


Trunk Monkey #6 – Chaperone – Suburban Auto Group