Warning – Beware of Trunk Monkey

Want to warn your fellow drivers that you’re protected by a Trunk Monkey? Cover your cars in these bumper stickers!

No one will dare mess with you knowing that a chimp with a tire iron is hiding out in your trunk!

Warning - Beware of Trunk Monkey

Warning - Beware of Trunk Monkey

6 Responses to “Warning – Beware of Trunk Monkey”

  1. Chris Dougherty says:

    Love the Trunk Monkeys!

  2. trevor hughes says:


  3. Tamara Shinn says:

    excellent sense of humor on the videos! Tamara Shinn
    14998 FM RD 449
    Hallsville, TX 75650

  4. Terry White says:

    Love all trunk monkeys (vid’s) shame we don’t see any here in our town Blandford in the county of Dorset , United Kingdom. Excellent stuff keep em coming. T

  5. Terry Donohue says:

    Very disturbing that there’s somebody as crazy as I am to even consider such a concept, Go trunky, well done

  6. Marie says:

    Here is some protection!!! LOL!!!!

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