75000 mile service completed last week…

I took care of the 75k mile service last week up at Exeter Subaru and, with the help of Ian, found quite a few things wrong with the car. Overall, the service came to around $750 after the NESIC discount due to additional parts and labor that needed to be performed. What follows is a stream of consciousness overview of what is wrong with the car and needs to be looked at immediately.

  • Clutch: The clutch is completely flattened and is starting to slip under any torque in first, second and third gears. The clutch and flywheel will be replaced with lightened trackable street parts so the car will still bearable on the street. The pressure plate is in unknown condition so it may be replaced as well.
  • Lower Crossmember and Oil Pan: The car had a previous impact on the crossmember and the oil pan is out of a 94 Impreza.
  • Rear Motor Seals: The rear seals on the motor are leaking and Exeter will be taking care of them when they crack the transmission open to replace the clutch, flywheel and pressure plate.
  • Spark Plugs: The spark plugs were less than finger tight and two of the four plugs had signs of blowby. They have since been replaced.
  • Oil Pump: The oil pump was spewing oil all over the place and was replaced. A rebuild is possible because it’s only a screw that has come loose so it looks like we have a spare.
  • Oil Filter: The old oil filter was extremely gunked up and corroded because it was finger tight and leaking oil all over the place. It spewed over two quarts between CT and NH when the car was driven home the first night.
  • Oil Filler Tube: The 710 cap was on so tight it needed to be forcefully extracted using the tire as a wedge after the oil filler tube was removed. I tightened it down lightly and Ian at Exeter had to forcefully remove it. It will be replaced eventually.
  • Suspension: It looks like I’ll be getting the KYB AGX setup with Ground Control coilovers with adjustable collars to run with temporarily until the first ClubRally. Right now the 5Zigen springs on the stock blown struts are unbearable and the car is extremely twitchy.
  • Alignment: The steering wheel is off by about two degrees and the car needs to be fully aligned after the new suspension goes on.
  • Bulbs and Lenses: Fluorescent lighting covers were cut to fit the front turn signals to simulate JDM clears and were cracked. The stock orange lenses were reinstalled this weekend. The clear corners and clear side markers may be sold and replaced with stock to raise funds.
  • Rear Bumper: The rear bumper is extremely scratched along the bottom edge and it looks like it scraped along the ground when it got pulled up onto a flatbed…I can’t see any other way for the damage to get there. Also, a coat hanger was being used to hold the rear bumper in place. Ghettobling!
  • Brakes: The brakes are extremely worn and need to be replaced in the next month or so. Still looking into the PGT legality of a rear disc conversion. It appears that the front pads are EBC Red Stuff which accounts for the rotors overheating and awful brake fade. The brakes are much better since the brake fluid replacement, however.

There are quite a few other things but that’s all I could immediately think of off the top of my head. More will be added later.

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