762 PGT Trunkmonkey Pink Impreza Todo List

All High Priority items must be completed before starting Maine Forest Rally 2006.

==High Priority==
* [[Service Toolkit]]
* [[In-car Toolkit (Subaru Impreza 2.2 L)]]
* Aim aux lights
* Fabricate rally computer sunshade with double-sided sticky tape
* Reattach intercom microphone on navi helmet
* Replace foam microphone windscreen on navi helmet
* Wide angle lens for MiniDV camera
* Update [http://www.advertiseonthiscar.com/ AdvertiseOnThisCar.com]

==Low Priority==
* Attachment tethers for ignition key
* Power steering pump
** Pre-mix ATF/Lucas
* Reattach hot/cold HVAC cable to post
* Valve cover gaskets (purchased)
* Clutch adjustment
* Throttle cable adjustment
* E-brake/drum adjustment

* Cleanup all wires running under cage
* Rear camber adjustment bolts
* Roof scoop
* Rewire coiled horn cable for multiple buttons
* Permanently fix steering column plastic bits (currently taped)
* Fabricate cover for rear deck
* Stainless hardware for hood pins
* Stainless hardware for trunk springs
* 12 VDC distribution
** Fabricate bracket; integrate with rally computer bracket
* Install rear Speed Bleeders
* Rebuild transmission
* Service all leaks on motor
* Foam spare fuse holder on navi console
* Use matching speednut hardware on driver-side mudflap to match passenger-side

==Suggestions From Other Teams==
* Relocate multitool to front of car
* Blue painter’s tape to use as impromptu sunscreen
* Gallon of water for the radiator
* Flashlight
* Rulebook
* Tire pressure gauge
* Copy of entry/start list
* Ponchos in toolkit
* Board in car for jack

==Completed Items==

* See [[762_PGT_Subaru_Impreza_2.2_L_Completed_Items]]

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