NEDiv Rallycross News

By: Chris Brenton

Hey all,

Thanks to all who turned out for the annual meeting and congrats to all the trophy winners. Seems like everyone had a blast.

Kathy Beliveau was presented with a thank you gift of a two night stay at the Wayside Inn which is nestled between Bretton Woods and Cannon mountain. Beyond the local skiing, she’ll be treated to a whirlpool bath, champagne, flowers and complimentary meals. Rumor is she is even considering letting Scott come along. 😉

Kathy Moody won the Chairman’s award for all her support of the RallyX program. I think we all agree that this award is *very* well deserved. Thank you Kathy for working so hard to make sure the rest of us can have fun.

Joe Moody was again recognized as the worker of the year for 2005. I think we need to try and make 2006 the year that Joe reaps the rewards of all his hard work by coming out and spanking the dirt with the rest of us. Rumor is some guy who was downing way too much Tequila offered Joe a co-drive in an STi at the Stafford event.

Over the weekend the subject of Tim Chevalier winning at Nationals was a repeated topic of conversation. Many commented that Tim was the guy to beat, right up till a bunch of us watched his son Ryan hand him his butt multiple times playing Richard Burns rally. While Ryan is only nine, its now obvious where Dad has been getting all of his RallyX driving pointers. Be afraid when this kid gets a license and starts turning out for events. 😉

Don’t forget that Stafford is in less than two weeks! WAHOOO! If you have not pre-registered yet, get it in now.

The RallyX committee met over the weekend to hammer out the rules for 2006. I’ll let Scott announce what was decided, but I want to drive home a couple of points before the banter starts:

  1. The rules are now mandatory nationwide. We do not have the same level
    of flexibility that we did in the past.
  2. Creating supplementary changes to the rules is an arduous process and
    not to be taken lightly.

So what we have is not that different from what Scott posted to the list earlier, but its the best we can do. Please review the rules when posted and be ready to class your car at Stafford. If anyone needs help, please feel free to drop me an e-mail.

Rumor is SpeedTV will not longer be carrying WRC. This is based on comments from Speed employees as well as the fact that Monte Carlo is next weekend and it does not show up in Speed’s TV listings. For those who will go through nasty withdrawals (like myself), you can subscribe
to a live feed.

If you have A/V outputs on your computer, you can even continue to watch it on a TV the same as you always have. The difference is you’ll get a lot more vid and commentary with less commercials.



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