On-Board Video

I finally installed an I/O Port Camera Mount on the crossbar just behind and between the seats of the Impreza. Its perspective is just above the shoulder which may be a little low, but the mount can easily be moved to one of the diagonal braces without blocking my rear view. I used electrical tape to protect the cage from scratching, but I may add a rubber or urethane donut around the bar to act as a secondary vibration dampener since the mount will accept up to a 2″ pipe.

Since I installed the mount, I decided to get my Canon ZR50 MC MiniDV camera ready for the season. It’s a good thing I checked after a few years of use it has finally succumed to the eating tapes problem that older Canons are famous for. It looks like the camera is now a record-only unit because high-speed fast fowarding and rewinding causes the problem. Good thing James picked up a couple of MiniDV cameras so we have backups to capture video.

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