Trunk Monkey #1 – Road Rage – Suburban Auto Group

Client: Suburban Auto Group
Agency: R/West – Portland
Creative Director: Rob Stout
Agency Creative: Hart Rusen, Marc Sobier, Chris Polak
Agency Producer: Tracie Davis
Production Company: Hidden City
Director: Derek Barnes
Editorial Company: Mission Control
Editor: George Mitchell
Sound Design: Digital One – Portland
Sound Designer: Eric Stolberg

7 Responses to “Trunk Monkey #1 – Road Rage – Suburban Auto Group”

  1. timellis says:


  2. Big Al says:

    Don’t mess with any of those portable alarm kits, this is what you need to protect your boat down dere mon !!!

  3. scott jones says:

    so funny

  4. doug says:

    was a gas!

  5. Kevin Mumaw says:

    Attention Getters

  6. katie gruber says:

    i was visiting auto dealers in eastern pa last week, and none of them could add the trunk monkey as one of the car features!
    then i remembered, maybe they never saw the car tv ads out here and i saw them at home in pgh!
    how can i order a trunk monkey?

  7. Alea says:


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