Free Radio Shack 21-905 Fiberglass CB Whip Antennas

21-1118After surviving Maine Forest Rally this past weekend, I started looking into antenna options so the service truck could talk to the rally car. I checked out Radio Shack for CB antenna options and, on a whim, asked the clerk if they had any 102″ whip antennas in stock. Turns out that Radio Shack are liquidating all of their 21-905 Fiberglass CB Whip Antennas for free!

Shopping List:

Be sure to dig deep into the rack for vintage dusty packaging. In addition to the free anteanna, I managed to find hardware with old price tags and got quite a few bucks taken off the final bill! Now all I have to do is see if Ham Radio Outlet has any 2.4 GHz mobile antennas and I’ll be ready to rock!

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