Simulator technicians keep vital Vance training mission up and running

We see them every day, the planes bearing the letters “VN” on their tail, signifying they are from Vance Air Force Base. We hear the roar of their engines and see the sun glinting off their wings as they traverse the skies over northwest Oklahoma. But another large part of the base’s pilot training mission […]

Trunk Monkey antics win over fans far, wide

PORTLAND — Perhaps it was his cool-headedness in delivering a baby on the side of the road. Or his expertise in giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a man overcome by hot coffee. Or maybe it’s just that we all wish we had our very own Trunk Monkey. Whatever his charm, Trunk Monkey, a chimpanzee featured in […]

Trunk Monkey #7 – First Aid – Suburban Auto Group

Trunk Monkey #8 – Alien Abduction – Suburban Auto Group

Trunkmonkey Racing starts move to new facility

Trunkmonkey Racing has started the preliminary phase of their move to picturesque Pelham, NH. The two garage bays in their new 1,200 square foot detached facility have been pressure washed and acid etched and are now ready to take an epoxy floor covering over the weekend. Demolition in the upstairs loft has also been completed […]

Trunkmonkey Racing gears up for Maine Forest Rally 2006

Trunkmonkey Racing has been hard at work preparing the Trunkmonkey Pink Impreza for Maine Forest Rally 2006, Round 5 of the Rally America National Championship. The team will again be competing at the Regional level in Production GT and has made many improvements to the car and service vehicles to make life easier for the […]

Trunkmonkey Racing at Wicked Big Meet 2006

Trunkmonkey Racing will be attending Wicked Big Meet 2006 on Saturday, May 20th to represent the team and Pepper Computer’s Pepper Pad. Our Webcam will be up and running all day assuming we have EVDO coverage! Trunkmonkey Racing Camera 1 {mosimage} Greetings to everyone from NASIOC and i-Club who couldn’t attend! We are also organizing […]

Trunkmonkey Racing finishes Maine Forest Rally 2006, takes regional podium in class

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, HAVERHILL, MA (07/26/2006) — New England-based motorsports team Trunkmonkey Racing successfully completed Maine Forest Rally 2006 which hosts River Valley Rally and Bethel Rally of the Rally America Eastern Regional Championship. Competing in Production GT class, driver Sean Sosik-Hamor and co-driver Andrew Hobgood piloted the 762 PGT Trunkmonkey Pink Impreza to take […]

Team O’Neil Rally School

Team O’Neil Rally School has released a new promotional video giving a quick overview of their outstanding facility and rally school programs. If you haven’t yet checked them out I highly recommend you do so — I’ve attended multiple Team O’Neil rally and safety programs over the past few years and it’s drastically improved both my […]

P0325 Knock Sensor Circuit Malfunction

After quite a few months of ignoring a P0136 O2 Sensor Circuit Malfunction I finally replaced the front and rear O2 sensors on the Trunkmonkey Pink Impreza. Three miles into the post-installation test drive the car immediately threw a P0325 Knock Sensor Circuit Malfunction. Go figure. I was being punished for something. A new knock […]