Trunkmonkey Racing Team Members

Drivers and Co-Drivers

Sean Sosik-Hamor (Sean)

Driver: 762 PGT Trunkmonkey Pink Impreza

Team owner, driver, and founder, Sean is responsible for the hodgepodge that is known as Trunkmonkey Racing.


Keith Casey (KC)

Driver: 66 BS Mazda RX-8

Keith is Trunkmonkey Racing’s tarmac specialist and represents the team in the SCCA Solo II National Tour.


Andrew Hobgood (Kha0S)

Co-Driver: 762 PGT Trunkmonkey Pink Impreza

Braving the silly seat of the Trunkmonkey Pink Impreza, it’s Andrew’s job to keep Sean pointed in the right direction.



Chris Brenton (AngryBlueRS)


One of Trunkmonkey Racing’s Rallymasters and Team O’Neil Rally School instructor.


James Mackey (Mr. The Plague)


James’s idea of a good time is driving around aimlessly on Class 4 roads for hours on end mapping out TSD Road Rallies in his head.


Crew Relations

Sabrina Vollers (Sabominator)

Crew Chief

Recently promoted to Crew Chief, Sabrina handles service crew movements and makes sure everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there.

NRCC Certified Chemical Hygiene Officer

OSHA Certified Hazmat Technician 29 CFR 1910.120(q)(6)(iii)


Kelly Sosik-Hamor (BugGirl)

Crew Amenities

Kelly handles the arduous task of keeping the team safe, hydrated, and happy during service at events.


Service Crew

Brian Knapp (slvrblt)

Team Muscle

Give this man a breaker bar and a persuader and no rusted-on bolt is safe!


Dan Oliver (Dano)

Driver: Trunkmonkey Explorer Service Truck

Dan gets the service truck where it needs to go!


Brian Batty (North Ursalia)

Parts and Service

Brian is Trunkmonkey Racing’s resident Impreza expert and go-to guy for parts.


Ian Bowers (IggDawg)

Service Crew

IggDawg is cool.


Nick Rabchenuk (Rabitnutz)

Service Crew

All-around wrench, Nick can generally be found in the dirt underneath the Trunkmonkey Pink Impreza seconds after it rolls into service.


John Tourville (mad-dog999)

Service Crew

Also known as Short and French, John manages to contort himself into the most uncomfortable of places to install the most stubborn of parts.


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