Trunkmonkey Racing Team Gear

No car? Want to have the Trunk Monkey with you everywhere you go? Then snag some Trunkmonkey Racing Team Gear! The team has been pretty quiet lately so we’re stealthily building our army one recruit at a time!

Who knows, you might just be able to hide your Trunkmonkey under a big enough shirt!

Trunkmonkey Hat

Trunkmonkey Racing Team Gear

9 Responses to “Trunkmonkey Racing Team Gear”

  1. bill walker says:

    send me a cap

  2. Rick Towers says:

    I love trunk monkey, send me a cap, I will wear it proudly

  3. Mike shinnamon says:

    I gotta get one of these hat !!!!

  4. Mark Grammaw Becker says:

    Not only do I want a hat, but my shirts are big enough to hide that monkey (or at least once I lose some of what is filling those shirts, currently…). 🙂

  5. Send me a hat. I will wear it everyday.

    228 Kings Hwy E
    Haddonfield, NJ 08033

  6. mark mckenna says:

    can i have a sticker please?……

  7. Robert Sanchez says:

    How do i get this sick hat – i love the trunk monkeys!

  8. David Doyon says:

    where are the hoddey that you could get be for and how do i order the hat as well

  9. Derek P says:

    Please send me a hat. I am a poker player and if they think I have a trunk monkey they will let me win!!!! Thanks.

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