Garage Ground Rules

Even though the team consists solely of close friends some ground rules need to be set so there’s no confusion when working in the garage. We’ve collected a large enough group of people with large enough projects that it’s no longer an anything goes situation, especially with the newly-renovated facility.

==Garage access and storage==

* ”’Parking.”’ ”Please park either in the driveway or in the grass to the left of Bay 1. Kids ride bikes in the cul de sac and may inadvertently damage vehicles.”
* ”’No keys will be given out.”’ ”Access to the garage will be limited to when Sean is home; no spare keys will be given out.”
* ”’No long-term storage.”’ ”To reduce clutter, please only store tools, parts, and spares in the garage for the immediate project at hand. Large items such as suspension bits, transmissions, wheels and tires, etc. need to be moved once the project is finished.”
* ”’At your own risk.”’ ”A security system will be installed in the garage, but you are responsible for the safety of anything stored there. If a break-in, theft, loss, or damage occurs, we cannot be held liable.”
* ”’Reserved bay.”’ ”Bay 1 must always be clear at the end of the day for Kelly’s vehicle and projects.”

==Tools, spares, and consumables==

* ”’A place for everything.”’ ”All tools must be either put away or placed in one of the black portable bins at the end of the day. This reduces the risk of losing or misplacing a tool.”
* ”’Community tools, spares, and consumables.”’ ”All tools, spares, and consumables stored in the garage are assumed to be community items available for anyone to use.”
* ”’Replace what you use.”’ ”Please make an attempt to replace any expended supplies and consumables on your next visit. Shop towels, lubricants, oil, caffeinated beverages, etc. are inexpensive enough but frustrating for the next person who finds the supply empty.”

==Fluid changes==

* ”’All fluid changes must have floor protection.”’ ”The epoxy floor coating will greatly simplify cleanup, but all fluid changes must be done with a large sheet of cardboard or an oversized drip pan on the floor underneath the drain pan.”
* ”’All fluids leave the premises.”’ ”All fluids from oil changes, coolant flushes, etc. must leave the premises same-day. There are many local auto parts stores that should take fluids and the Pelham Transfer Station will accept limited drop-offs until 4:30 PM on Saturdays when accompanied by Sean.”

==Long-term projects==

* ”’Overnight storage of vehicles.”’ ”If work on a vehicle cannot be completed in one day, temporary overnight storage is fine as long as plans are made to finish the project ASAP or continually work on the project. We cannot act as a vehicle storage facility.”
* ”’Vehicle relocation.”’ ”If your vehicle is left overnight, you must leave the keys. Your vehicle may be moved beside or behind the garage if a bay is needed. A car cover is available for use.”
* ”’The rolling chassis rule.”’ ”All projects that will result in a vehicle losing rolling chassis ability (removal of tie rods, suspension, control arms, trailing links, or lateral links) for more than one weekend must be cleared with Sean.”


* ”’Use the downstairs bathroom.”’ ”Please use the downstairs bathroom while working in the garage to reduce the amount of debris that gets tracked through the house.”
* ”’Shower.”’ ”The shower in the downstairs is available for use. Bring your own towel.”

==Trash disposal==

* ”’Mandatory recycling.”’ ”Pelham has a mandatory recycling policy. Please make note of the bin you’re throwing trash into.”
* ”’Tire disposal.”’ ”The Pelham Transfer Station will accept four street tires per week. If you have tires that need to be disposed of, you must accompany Sean to the Transfer Station by 4:30 PM on Saturdays.”